Prior to being established as a separate congregation, Grace members began with Concordia Lutheran Church in nearby Dumfries which was founded as a mission church in 1959. Starting in 1960 services were also held in Kilby Elementary School located just over a half-mile from our current church property. Grace separated from Concordia on July 1, 1962, and became a new Mission Church in Woodbridge.

Grace Lutheran Church has a rich history of over 50 years and has been a church home to many. Located in a community where many of our members have lived for a relatively short duration as part of a stop on a military or civil service career, we have been privileged to have a diverse and ever-changing membership. Intermingled with our more transient members we have maintained a strong core of “long term” members who have dedicated themselves to His service.


More information on the history of Grace Lutheran Church can be seen in this video below.