Wayne Roth, Chairman

Wayne and his wife Darlene are originally from St. Louis, MO and have been members of Grace since 2010. Wayne retired after 27 years from the US Army and has been an elder since 2015. 

Larry Haeske

Larry and his wife Judy moved to Woodbridge from Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2004, and joined Grace Lutheran church soon thereafter.  They have three school-aged children and are involved in Scouts and swimming in the Lakeridge community. Larry works as a Sr. Software Engineer for General Dynamics on a customers site in Springfield.

Vern Pedersen

Vern has been a part of the family at Grace since 1990. Vern is a US Air Force Veteran and retired from working in Defense Intelligence. Vern speaks three languages fluently and is an avid sports fan. 

Dave Potter

Dave and his wife, Roseann, have been worshiping at Grace since 2010.  Dave retired from the US Air Force in 1993, and from a financial services career in 2011.  He has served as either an elder or the congregational president since 2011.

Paul Nasi, Vice Chairman

Paul and Robin Nasi joined Grace in 2017. They grew up in Northern Wisconsin, and have lived in many places in 21 years of Paul’s Army service and 10 years (so far) as a DoD civilian. They are blessed with three children and two granddaughters and enjoy travel and family. Paul has been a Grace Elder since 2021.

Jenny Mortenson

Jenny and her husband William two sons: Michael and Gabriel. Jenny is a US Army veteran who recently finished a Masters in Human Services: Counseling, Marriage and Family.  Jenny was raised Roman Catholic and has been a part of Grace since 2005. 

Ferrin Simmons

Ferrin and her husband John are originally from Illinois and Mississippi. They have been attending Grace since 1988. Ferrin enjoys reading and travel. She and John have a goal to visit every US state.

Scott Benninghoff

Scott and his wife Becky are both life-long Missouri Synod Lutherans who are currently enjoying their tour of LCMS churches courtesy of the Marine Corps.  Scott hails from NW Indiana and Becky joins an ever growing number of Grace members from the great state of Wisconsin.  They are blessed with two lovely daughters and have been members of Grace since 2020.