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LCEF - Lutheran Church Extension Fund


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DID YOU KNOW . . . that there's an easy way to teach stewardship to kids?  Lutheran Church Extension Fund's (LCEF) Young Investors (Y.I.) Club does just that!  With as little as $25, you can start your child on the road to saving and earning extra money with good grades and service hours.  Y.I. Club investments pay 3.5% on the first $1000 too!  And there is a fun and interactive website just for Y.I. Club members with games, puzzles, devotions, and Bible stories.  

For more information and an investment application, please see Frank Marr or visit

Salaam Isa Mission Society

We live in an exciting and diverse community that sometimes feels intimidating to understand.  Various cultures have value systems and needs that are deep and meaningful - and distinct.  If we can learn more about how others view the world, we can understand in a whole new way how to truly love our neighbors as ourselves. 


The Salaam Isa Mission works in support of Crescent Project's Metro D.C. area to develop a missionary movement to bring the Gospel to Muslims, to equip Christians to share the love of Jesus with their Muslim neighbors, and to serve as a catalyst to stimulate better relationships between Christians and Muslims.


Please click here to visit                                  for more information and to register for the event.  Reminders will be sent approximately one week prior to each session and on the day of the session with the Zoom link.

The sessions will be let by Rev. Dr. Lannon Martin or Rev. Albert Triolo (Senior Pastor of St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Springfield, VA) with Yvette Moy and will explore Walking and Talking With Jesus through parables, miracles, and in our communities.

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