Congregational Chairman

Brian Klein

Council Secretary

Kelly Weiss

Patrick Schmidt, Chair

Chuck Herbolsheimer, Vice Chair 


Board of Property Management

Brandon Weiss, Chair

Board of Technology Management

Paul Nasi, Chair

Board of Evangelism

Berkeley Simmons, Chair

Alissa Martin, Vice Chair

Board of Christian Education

Debbie Willeman, Chair

Darlene Roth, Vice Chair

Board of Social Ministry

Chair, Board of Elders

Vice Chair, Don Fuller

Wayne Roth

Financial Secretary

John Simmons

Erik Wood, Chair

Ruth Killian, Vice Chair

Board of Financial Management

Heather McDevitt, Chair

Board of Stewardship

Dianna Hobbs, Chair

Board of Fellowship

Jenny Mortenson, Chair

Danielle Klein, Vice Chair

Board of Youth and Family Ministries

Paul Willemann

Council Member at Large