Which Way?

Our lives and our faith is all about hearing and answering the voice and the call of the Lord in our lives. Here’s what I mean…

Last week I was driving back from Richmond with one of our elders. We got to a very familiar situation, I95 was backed up. I luckily had the gps up on my smartphone just in case we needed an alternate route, and now we did. I started to get off at the next exit to head over to the parallel Route 1. We headed down Route 1 for about a mile and then the smartphone told me it was best to head back over to I95. As soon as I turned my blinker on, the elder said, “we haven’t been driving long enough yet, we better go further.” I explained to him that the software was checking traffic and this was the best route now. We got to that pivotal point where we looked over the side of the bridge and saw that the traffic was still backed up. Again the elder said to me that we should simply do a U turn and head back for Route 1, but my smartphone was telling me that it was still fastest to head back into the traffic. So there I was in the turn lane having to make a decision. Either I do the U turn and listen to my trusted elder or I turn left and listen to my trusted smartphone.

In life we are confronted often with conflicting voices. Often they’re harmless. One tells us to choose the blue shirt and one tells us to go with the gray. However, several times each day we are faced with conflicting voices telling us to do the right thing or do the wrong thing. To sneak in to work late, or go in on time; to keep watching a television show only for the attractive actor or actress. Our days and our lives are filled with situations like this. Here we are conflicted between the voice of the world and the voice of the Lord. Our faith empowers us to hear and answer God’s voice in our lives and our faith brings us to the cross when we follow the voice of the world.


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