The Whole Jesus

Time magazine published their list of the most influential events in all history a few years back and the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ ranked 14th. 14th! The one event that united God with every person throughout history, completed forgiveness for all sin, opened heaven- is only ranked 14th. What’s shocking here is that it is not that shocking! We know full well how many people reject Jesus in their own lives around the world and in our own community.

But what about people that only reject part of jesus? What about those who say they like jesus teachings on civil peace, for example, but not his teachings on marriage and family? What about people who want to believe in the love he brought to the meek and the forgotten, but want to forget about his example of keeping the Sabbath by being in church every week? What about people who love the forgiving one another teaching, but are skeptical about the meal he gave us to enjoy as his people to forgive us with his sacrifice? All these people are just trying to make Jesus their own and reject the fullness of who he is.

Well the good news this week is that for all of these people he died for all of their sins too. The bad news is that when you miss out on the fullness of jesus the fullness of the bread of life given to all- you miss out on something absolutely life changing and beautiful. In fact you can miss the greatest part where he wants to welcome you home to a place he has prepared just for you. He offers forgiveness of sins and life eternal to all of us. He died and rose to give us absolutely everything. That’s really the number one world changing, life changing event.

See you in church!

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