In San Francisco, CA a string of commercial burglaries shook the news. Random mornings everyone awoke to another, and another. Finally a man nicknamed “Spiderman” by the police was arrested and charged with over 60 burglaries. “Spiderman” is described by his friends as kind, helpful, friendly, talented. He was a regular in church. He was active in his community. He was social and well liked. The problem was he got desperate and fell into a gambling addiction. Greed is a temptation that can capture any of us up in a web of sinful behavior. This week we read about Jesus going into the temple and finding it filled with commercialism. Jesus reacts in anger and chases out the workers in the marketplace. Jesus was about to go to his death for the sins of the world and he found that even the temple was caught up in a temptation that can lead us to break any of the commandments. Then Jesus does something very unexpected. We see him angrier than we ever do, and then he follows up the cleansing of the temple by speaking of his own death and resurrection. He keeps his focus on the Gospel and his work, even in the midst of his disappointment and anger. Jesus deals with us in the same way. He finds us deep in our own sinfulness and although God hates our sin, in our repentance Jesus responds with forgiveness life and salvation. He love for us is stronger. His love for us wins.


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