General Revelation

The Creator is speaking to us by the created language or by the created word. This created language or word is called general revelation. Jesus Christ is the creator of all things visible and invisible so that he knows all the truths and the ways of all things visible and invisible. He is omniscient as the Creator. Jesus has been talking to us through the created language. He has never been silent to us since creation. The Bible says in Psalm 19:1-3, “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. (2) Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge. (3) There is no speech or language when their voice is not heard. (4) Their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world.” You know what? The universe is full of the created language, word, vocabularies, terms, jargons, truths, or ways. Look at genes. There are genetic codes in genes, which are called the organic-chemical base order. These genetic codes are so inseparable from life phenomena that the biological information from genetic codes is shining on the development of biological sciences and bio-chemical or medical engineering. Look at a motor vehicle. It is also full of language, which is the mechanical language. Look at the manual of a motor vehicle. It is a thick book which is full of mechanical or technical terms or jargons or vocabularies. What is language? Language is composed of ideas or thoughts. What are the ideas or the thoughts? They are spirits. Therefore, the universe is full of spirits. Animism is the idea that everything visible or invisible is composed of living spirits. We as Christians ignore the idea of animism as a falsehood or a lie. On the other hand, it has a half-truth because, whether dead or living, the universe is full of spirits. The universe is full of created language, created word, created vocabularies, created terms, created jargons, created truths or created ways. It is composed of created ideas or created thoughts. In other words, whether dead or living, it is full of created spirits. There are the living spirits: the triune God, angels, human beings, Satan the devil, and demons. There are the dead spirits: the written books, whose writers are already dead, which is composed of dead letters, dead ideas, dead thoughts, dead language, dead word, and dead wisdom. The written books are called the dead texts because their authors have gone away from the earth by death. Therefore, they have no power. But some books are written under the influences of demonic-spiritual reality. Some ideological or religious books or propaganda are written under the demonic influences. They are very dangerous. Such ideological or religious fanatics or extremists like Al Qaeda or Isis terrorists are produced by those demonic books or propaganda. Nazism or socialism has also been the ideologies produced by demonic spiritual reality. Those written records or books are very dangerous or powerful because of their demonic spiritual realities. But most of the written records or books have no power because they are composed of dead letters and their writers are already dead. But scientific books or technological books or engineering books or mathematical books are powerful because they have scientific realities, technological realities, engineering realities, or mathematical realities. These texts are full of spirits because they are composed of thoughts and ideas. Whether natural science, social science, humanities or arts, all the academic books are powerful because they touch some realities. But most written records or books have no power because they are written in the dead letters of dead writers.


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